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The world of „One thousand and one little men“ Art, particularly painting has always been an essential part of my life. As a mother of three sons, however, I was able to turn to intensive painting late. I attended numerous courses, for example at the school of arts in Plattenhardt, and was educated in art at the academy of arts in Esslingen. Also, study visits in Switzerland and Majorca helped me to find my own, distinctive painting style and my trademark, the „One thousand and one little men“. The works which are mostly rich in detail and painted on canvas show a harmonic and intensive energy of colours. Motives very often reflect subjects of the daily life. But also the earth’s need of protection, peace and love for the human being in particular and generally are important topics for me. Since 2002, I was represented with my works in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. The signature “One thousand and one little men“ was registered as a word mark by the Federal Patent Office Munich in 2008. I started printing my pictures on bags in connection with the company „Lemonfish“. Additionally, I created handmade bags which are absolute unique items in teamwork with Pia Krokor. Meanwhile, I am represented by different galleries in Majorca. ,
jeweils Acryl auf Leinwand 30x30cm
JEROEN VAN PAASSEN ALKMAAR NETHERLANDS jeroen.van.paassen@versatel.nl www.vanpaassen.exto.nl
"pain and hope is in your heart" 2009 Acryl Strukturgel Leinwand 30x30cm
„The creation of Adam“ (after Michelangelo), 2007 digital art c-print on canvas 30 30 cm
„A painting of a creator may be recognizable by several aspects, such as the subject, the colour or atmosphere obtained in each work. In the work of Francisco Urbano, there is a curious and rich combination of elements. The synthesis of these is the ability to transform each work in a particular fantastic realism that is just amazing in itself. He seems to be a world to share precisely the neat technical process present in each composition.“ Oscar DAmbrosio (Critical of Art, Member of the Association of Critics of Art, Master of Arts, Professor of Visual Arts, UNESP). More than 100 exhibitions. Recommended by Serralves Museum; Resident Artist in the Cais Arts, Atlântica and Londot Galleries; School of Arts Soares dos Reis; Curval Atelier; Founder and Manager of the L’AGENZIA DI ARTE Group; Distinction Prize in Portugals Fine Arts Show 2007; Winner 2007 in the Prime Class Art Portugal Gallery Prize; Honourable Mention in Brazil’s Fine Arts Show 2007; Médaille D’Or - 38 Salon Concours International Académie Européenne Des Arts - 2008; Special Distinction Award Malta International Art Biennale 2009.
,Life is „Donation“, 2009, Psychedelic, Hyperreallism, Oil on Canvas, 30x30 cm
I was born in Davidovc - Kosovo. I currently live and work in Holland after having graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Prishtina, Kosovo. I worked as a lecturer but always have been occupied by my painting and sculpture. Now I work as a professional artist. My work is described as „figurative abstract expressionism“ and incorporates a vibrant palette and layers of colours. I use oil on canvas to create my expressive pieces that blur abstraction with figurative elements. My works are often bold in their use of colour and brushstrokes. I have exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Member: RKD as from 2003; Foundation Symbiose Sittard as from 2003; Foundation Art Centre keeps out 2003; AIDA as from 1994; Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert as from 2003; Artist figurative association of the Kosovo as from 1989; President of the foundation ` Zef Kolombi ` Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1988 1992; Member of Foundation Art Centre ` Zef Kolombi ` Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1982 ,
Von Kindesbeinen an finde ich die Inspiration für meine Arbeit in der Natur und bei den Tieren, die in ihr leben. Auch der Eingriff des Menschen, z. B. durch die Jagd, kommt darin vor. Während meiner Reisen durch das deutsch-niederländische Grenzgebiet und Lappland bin ich auf der Suche nach Überresten von toten Tieren und Jagdattributen. Ich sammle Schädel, Knochen, mumifizierte Tiere und mache Fotos von den Fallen und Fangkäfigen, denen ich auf meinen Reisen begegne. Dieses Material nehme ich mit in mein Atelier, wo man es im Laufe der Zeit in Ölfarbenmontagen wieder finden kann. Mit diesen Knochen und Schädeln, die ich oft zu einem neuen Tier zusammensetze, schaffe ich eine eigene Evolution eine eigene Welt. Ivo Kamphuis: 1967 geboren in Enschede / Niederlanden. Wohnt und arbeitet in Enschede / Niederlanden. Studium 1988 1993 AKI, Akademie für bildende Kunst, Enschede. Ab 1993 Ausstellungen im Inland und Ausland. ,
Songwriter, singer, painter, poet. She composes very personal melodies and harmonies. Her singing style is characterized by an ancient flavour with arrangements which sum up electronic, ethnic, romantic, ethereal atmospheres. The lyrics of Katya’s songs are often inspired by literary themes, for instance her long research on myths and legends from all over the world, often explained and reworked by her paintings where the colour and the symbols have a very important role. She is also the author of the fantasy trilogy „Le Chant De L’Ange“. As multimedia artist, she has received the European award ART GOLDEN CARD, as painter her artworks have been exposed at many art expòs: Rome at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Paris, Porto (Portugal ), Venice during the Biennale 2009.
info@gavingo.com www.gavingo.com
"heart" 30x30cm mixed media
30x30cm mixed media
„A clown with a green bow-tie“ 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 30x30 cm
,„vom Dunklen ins Licht“ Acrylfarben, Leinwand, 30x30 cm
Oil on Canvas, 30x30 cm
„nicht alles Gold was glänzt“ Acrylfarben, Mischtechnik, Leinwand, 30x30 cm
FRANCISCO URBANO MATOSINHOS PORTUGAL f.urbano@netcabo.pt http://urbanogaleria.blogspot.com
Born 1972 in Hamburg, Gemany ** Medical School in Hamburg and Berlin, degree as medical doctor in 2000 ** since 2002 employed at the Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin ** First artistic work during a research fellowship in New York City, USA ** 2005 study at Freie Akademie für Kunst Berlin ** Exhibitions at outpatient departments in Berlin since 2003 and 2009 ** 2008 Group exhibition „Mediziner und Malerei XI“ at the Medical Historical Museum Berlin and Schloss Köthen, Sachsen-Anhalt. ,
"life is... dream" 30x30cm 2009 mixed media
Florentina Resende was born in Oporto, Portugal in 1950. With artistic formation in Plastic Arts and History of Arts, she has also carried out several workshops in France and Spain. Represented in several private and public collections throughout Europe, she has participated in more than two hundred and fifty of individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Brazil, New York, London and Malta. She also was distinguished with several awards in Portuguese cities and also in Brussels, Paris, Vienna and Malta. Currently, she is president of the Council Fiscal of the „Académie Européenne des Arts“. Prizes: Albino Moreira Master Award 3rd Classified, Prize City of Oliveira do Hospital 1st Classified, Medaille d’Or 36. Salon Concours International A.E.A. Bruxellas, Prize City of Vieira do Minho 2nd Classified, Medaille d’Or Salon International, A.E.A. Paris, Award of Merit O.N.A.E.A. Viena de Áustria, 8th Prize „2009 Malta International Art Bienal“ ,
Oil on canvas 30x30cm
„A redheaded clown“ 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 30 30 cm
„A clown with a green jacket“ 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 30x30 cm
In Michelangelo’s famous fresco it’s God, who gives life to Adam. In my version it is not God who gives life, but we, the humans. Technical developments and science enable us to prolong our lives, to clone animals and ultimately to create artificial life. Life is? What we make it to be! Solo exhibitions: 2009 Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Zaanstad office,Zaandam (NL) 2008 PAINT!, B93, Enschede (NL) Group exhibitions: 2010 > 16th International Exhi. of Visual Arts, Vendas Novas (P) 3rd European Exhi., Belfort museum, Bruges (B) Global Village, Grand or Saint Laurens Church, Alkmaar (NL) 2009 > DeSalon, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL) Compass Encompass, Louise Gains Int.Art Gallery, Chepstow (UK) MundiArt 3rd ed., cidade de Niterío, Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 15th International Exhi. of Visual Arts, Vendas Novas (P) Not Art, around Armando Museum, Amersfoort (NL) MundiArt 2nd ed., Gal. d. Instituto Cult. Bra.UN, Rio de Janeiro (BRA) FACTORY, Galleria Geraldes da Silva, Porto (P) MundiArt, Casa das Artes Villa Real, Rio de Janeiro (BRA) Inspiran, Galerie ’t Oude Raadhuis,Warmond (NL) New Members Exhi., Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL) Project: Global Village, organizing an international art exhibition. ,
„Living is to be donated constantly and the life does not make sense without donation. Apart from the fact that we are able to donate ourselves in several forms, I chose to represent in my work the donation of organs. An act that, for me, is an obvious choice.“ Gilmara Oliveira was born in Brazil in 1976. In 2000 participation in the collective exhibition of the “Cultural Centre of Belo Horizonte” with the artists name of Taiana; in September of 2009, participation in the collective exhibition in „Ambiento Paisagismo“ (Market of Pottery) without the use of artists names and in November / December 2009, participation in the 3rd Publication of the MundiArt in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( Hall of the French Alliance). ,
Ilaria Pergolesi was born 1980 and lives in Civitavecchia, in the province of Rome, Italy. Ilaria showed some talent and therefore decided to study at the school of art (painting section) of the city, graduating in 1998 with honours as master of art. The artist lives exclusively for her art and has participated in national and international exhibitions. In 2008, she had a personal exhibition in Paris, followed by group shows in Spain, Portugal, Germany, etc. Ilaria Pergolesi never signs her paintings. Black and very strong color contrasts characterize the beauty of the women painted. The artist, in addition to being a full-time painter, teaches children the beautiful and healthy art world.
„Life is light and water“ canvas, 30x30 cm
BIRGIT GRASSL HAMBURG GERMANY birgit.grassl@atrament.de www.atrament.de
DESPINAS ART I am an autodidact as painter. I come from Greek, was born 1963, and I live in Germany. The unprotected, vulnerable and deeply injured is the central theme of my art. I worked as a nurse for many years... until three years before, I decided to go a new way. The path of Art! I want the dark side of live to be noticed very clearly and also drastically. It is a kind of view nobody really wants to be true! I would like to address the external and internal violations of welfare caused only by the humans themselves! Without guilt feelings, occuring daily, steadily and in secret, in silence against each other! The viewer of my works is required to inner contemplation and reflection, to think on his OWN! The central theme of my art is the deeply wounded being Zentrales Thema meiner Kunst ist das zutiefst verletzte Sein To kendriko Thema tis Tehnis mou ine ta exoterika ke esoterika Trawmata tou kathenos mas. ,
DESPINA PAPADOPOULOU MÖNCHENGLADBACH GERMANY papadop@t-online.de www.despina-papadopoulou.de
IVO KAMPHUIS ENSCHEDE NETHERLANDS ivokamphuis@live.nl www.ivokamphuis.nl
Seine Arbeiten zum Thema des Projektes spiegeln Gedanken der Zuversicht, der Hoffnung, und des Lichtes wieder. Aber auch Schmerz, Angst und Vergängnis finden sich in seiner kräftigen Farbwahl wieder. Ein Spiel mit den Gegensätzen des Lichtes zieht den aufmerksamen Betrachter in den Bann seiner Bilder. ,
ABDALLAH ABOULABBES MEDENINE TUNISIA tanitart@voila.fr www.equilibriarte.org/abdallah
ILARIA PERGOLESI CIVITAVECCHIA (ROMA) ITALIA infotiscali@ilariapergolesi.com www.ilariapergolesi.com
David Arzeno Rodríguez „Gavingo“ was born in 1979 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After finishing his studies of Graphic Design in Santo Domingo, he moved to Spain to study Art. In 2006 he earned a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and two years later a postgraduate degree at the same university. Since 2008, he has been painting and teaching Artistic Expression in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Gavingo has exposed his artworks in Spain, Dominican Republic and United States of America. ,
Born in 1950 in Iraq, he lives in Norway since 1987. Recent activity: two solo exhibitions during 2009 entitled Colors Dancing in Mind, the later with invited artists from Morocco, Tunisia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from Iraq. One among internationally selected artists to the upcoming book „Contemporary Masters 2010“ In press. Participated in the international art festival March 2009, Meknes, Morocco. Scientist at research institute in Bergen, Norway with more than 40 published scientific research works during the past 23 years. ,
„A clown with a blue hat“ 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 30x30 cm
"Life is...passion" "Life is...amore"
Künstler artists
,„Haulingort“ 2009, Ölfarbenmontage mit Tier-Knochen, 50x42 cm

Erika Diemer
Born in Tozeur, southern Tunisia, in 1975. Academic professor of fine art, sculptor, painter and poet. Interested in the immaterial heritage and human expression in portraits, his art works reflect how poetic moments are preserved. Abdallah Aboulabbes participated in many national and international exhibitions. ,
roter Punkt = verkauft red point = sold
jeweils: Aquarell auf Papier, mit Alurahmen, 30x30 cm
KATYA SANNA ROMA ITALY katyasanna@gmail.com www.katyasanna.it
„Colors and heart“ November 2009, Aquarelle on Canson, paper (300 g), 30X30 cm
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